Why are we angry?

The lack of sleep causes various negative consequences , from starvation to negative emotions, such as anxiety and sadness, and decreases the level of positive emotions such as happiness and enthusiasm.

Scientists from the University of Iowa have recently gone a step further and found that sleeplessness increases anger , not as a result of negative emotions, but directly affects the appearance of anger . The results of this study were published in Experimental Psychology.

Respondents were divided into two groups. One was told to keep the usual routine of sleep, while respondents in the second group abolished two hours of night sleep .

The first group slept an average of seven hours, the other four to five. Then, during the day, they were exposed to noise, and scientists followed their behavior.

“In general, the level of anger was higher in people whose sleep was shortened for two hours ,” said study head, psychologist Zlatan Križan.

“We changed the intensity of the noise during the task and as we expected, people reported more anger and anger that the noise was more embarrassing, and after their dream was limited, the anger of the anger was even greater.” No matter the amount of noise ” , explains Križan.

Therefore – have a good time, it will be better for you and your surroundings.

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