What the lips form about us

Lips are one of the most visible attributes that women especially like to emphasize in various ways, so let’s see what they are talking about.

Lips have something to say about their owner, if you ask the experts, so let’s see what secrets are hidden in them. Julie Roberts’s broad lips talk about a person with a large circle of friends, full-time perfectionists, ready to make all their dreams come true.

Thin lips, on the other hand, point to a person who is calm, balanced and intuitive, highly dedicated to detail, which will make the right step at the best possible time. But how much of such a person’s acting modestly, know that you’re wrong, because the ambitions are prosperous.

Full lips are a symbol of courage and trust, and usually they have very self-confident people who can solve the most sophisticated problems.

Heart-shaped lips point to independent, seductive people who indulge in the pleasures of everything they do. Without a problem, they take responsibility for everything they do and have a strong need for love.

His lips facing down give a sad expression of the face, reticence, and mystery, but in fact they are very skillful people who are quite selective.

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