Water is a health guard

Every responsible parent knows that she is a model for her baby. His actions, opinions, but above all habit, he carefully ponders, knowing that the youngest learn and understand their knowledge and information. If we take care of our health, it will also be copied to the offspring.

Experts agree that the children of physically more active parents are significantly more engaged, and that in those who take care of nutrition, children very early adopt healthy eating habits. A healthy and responsible attitude toward the youngest means that we enrich our daily life with healthy active life, balanced diet, and proper hydration.

Professor Dr. Sergej Ostojić, a physician and multi-disciplinary physiologist, is among those experts who regularly warn about the importance of regular fluid intake in the body.
“Water is the most important nutrient and adequate water intake is a necessary part of a healthy diet in view of the many functions that the water has in our body. How much water is needed for a healthy person depends on several factors, such as gender, age, special conditions (eg pregnancy, lactation), degree of physical activity, exposure to warm ambient. For hydration all hygienic and health-correct water is recommended – from water from the public water supply to oligomineral bottled waters, in accordance with the specific needs of the individual, “says Dr. Ostojić.

Water plays a major role in the purification of the whole organism, it helps us get rid of toxins, we feel fresher, more moody and returns us energy. Even a slight lack of water carries problems like headache or dry mouth, while some severe forms of dehydration are a serious problem followed by fainting, changes in body temperature regulation, reduction in general, work and sports abilities.

Regular and proper consumption of water is the best fuel of our organism. As a true model for our younger ones, it is necessary to be responsible to behave towards their body and health, so that our little ones will also gain the proper and desirable habits.

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