How we rid ourselves of happiness

We often spend the things we love , thinking that the time of happiness will only be when we reach some goals, but that is not the case, happiness is always right now , no matter how your life now looks and what you have to do.

You know that “I’m looking for a special opportunity,” so that’s wrong. Because no matter what the matter is, it is right now and you never know what it is you are wearing tomorrow, so enjoy the things you are looking for a special occasion today.

Do not leave things tomorrow, because tomorrow does not have to be anything different from today. By discharging some things, you actually create a greater burden of responsibility so it is better to start doing it today, even for 5 minutes.

Do not try to please others because it is most important that you like yourself. Only when you will fully enjoy yourself and be content with you will like you to others.

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