How to win anxiety?

Anxiety is by definition an indefinite fear and above all we need to clarify something – not all anxiety disorders are the same. There are many cases of people who suffer from VFA (high functional anxiety), and that they do not actually know this, because with them “on the outside” everything works fine. They are successful in all fields and do not display nervousness or concern in society, while from the inside is quite another situation – anxiety requires them to complete all obligations and set high goals because otherwise something bad will happen to them.

Some of the symptoms of VFA are overstretch care for all life situations, permanent internal insecurity and dissatisfaction, and avoiding coping with the problem. According to Peter Diaz, founder of the Institute of Mental Health, it is not easy to diagnose a person suffering from high functional anxiety. “The person does not give any worrying signals, and he avoids asking for help, constantly sets himself high goals, similar to perfectionists who do not stop thinking about failures and mistakes. Less and less than what they conceived would be a cause for concern and stress and for their inner turmoil, “Diaz explained. These tricks will help you keep anxiety and all the things that you care to keep under control.

This is one of those super frustrating things that can lead us to madness, and we do not always have control over them. Your thoughts like “My boss will go crazy because I’ll be late for 30 minutes because of this crowd” you are actually causing stress, says Greta Hirsch, clinical director of the Center for Anxiety. “Your brain then confuses the possibility with probability.”

Try this: Instead of letting a relaxing playlist play, you better try. “When we use our own loud wires, the brain receives information that everything is OK,” says Keli Valker panic attack trainer.

You can not sleep

First of all, stop watching the watch. Watching how the minutes go away causes a run of adrenaline and cortisol causing an accelerated heart rate, and then it is unlikely that you will be sunk. Also, do not take the phone in your hands because the screen sends brain information to wake up and get up.

Try this: Instead of being annoyed because your dream does not come, accept that you are currently resting and meditating, Hirsch suggests. “Breathe deeply and repeat words and thoughts My bed is magical, I like how my blanket is soft.”

You’re in the quarrel

Regardless of whether it’s a quarrel with a partner or your best friend, stop each of your actions from reaching your heart. “Do not associate them temporarily with them as if they do not care about you. Maybe they are at a meeting or sleeping, “explains Hirsch. In this way, you will only double your nervousness.

Try this : Walk at least 15 minutes when you feel that you have gone far in thought, Hirsch advises. The energy you spend on physical activity will no longer be used for lute or anxiety thinking.

You’re nervous

When your hands shake before a job interview or your heart speeds up before the first act, remember that anxiety in these situations is not only normal, it is good for you. “Anxiety sometimes motivates us,” Hirsch argues. In the second case, we would not be prepared for important situations, for example, in the gym for the gym to go to work.

Try this: Literally you need to relax. Hold your hands in cold water or a cold drink below the tongue for a few minutes. “It will be a signal to the body that it needs to calm down,” Valker argues. Now you’re ready to break up!

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