How to Find a Profitable Blog Niche and Topic

Blog Post to with the infographic an more advice:

I’m a mommy of two, soon to be three little ones and I’ve been able to grow my blog from $0 to over $20,000 per month. I’d love to help you do it too! I hope this video helps you choose a great blog topic and niche so you can start your mom blog too! Below are quick instructions and a step by step tutorial:

How to Start a Blog:

What will I blog about and what will my blog be called?

Are You Passionate About it?

Do you love talking about this topic? Can you write about this topic for months and months? For potentially years?

Be Unique

How do you stick out in the world of blogging? You incorporate yourself into your blog.

Is It Profitable?

If you want to eventually make money with your blog, you need to choose a profitable niche. Is it something that people are willing to pay for?

Niche Down

Don’t blog about everything. Find a niche that you can dive deeply into and help others along the way. When people come to your site they need to know why they are there.

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