Diet with morning banana

What is also attractive is the fact that in this diet there is no strict determination of meals or counting calories.

The key to success is that you can eat what you usually eat, but you need to quit when you feel that you are 80% of sites, and after dinner you have to skip dessert.

It is also advised to go to bed before the night, because a good night’s sleep is considered extremely important for health and stress reduction, and you are taking day-to-day diets.

Although critics of this child claim that there is no evidence that it works but that weight loss is solely due to lower calorie intake, testimonies show that it really does work.


For breakfast you should eat banana and drink two glasses of water at room temperature. Bananas should be eaten exclusively in raw form. You can replace them with some other fruit, but only one type per meal. If you are hungry after the banana, you have to wait 30 minutes before you eat something else.


You can eat what you usually eat for lunch and dinner, but for lunch, Japanese food is recommended, especially rice.

You can only have one meal in the afternoon and that is the only time you are allowed candy. Also, diet is recommended to avoid dairy products and ice cream.


Advice on daily walking and exercising, but only if it does not increase your stress level.


You do not have to worry about eating but just throwing out dairy products and practicing to stop eating before the feeling of satiety. You can cook what you usually cook, but you should avoid packaged ready-made food. This diet should be attractive if you’re not ready to radically change your habits and nutrition. It is considered a gradual transition to healthy diet. Every healthy diet, and this certainly counts in them, will help control diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Although doctors claim that it will be effective simply because you eat less, they agree that the rules that prescribe very effective and wise. Do not eat to sit is a good way to regulate body fat, and it is proven that people who sleep 7 to 9 hours less eat than those who sleep less. Specifically, when you are tired, the inclination to eat unhealthy increases.

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