19 brilliant guidelines of life

1. Guideline of correspondence: Before you judge the errors of others, take a gander at yourself. In the individuals who cast mud, I can not

Small tactics of seduction

Some women are born seducers, while others have to make a little more effort to hurt someone. If you belong to this other group of

Detoxification and weight loss

A ginger and lemon beverage, quick and easy to make, is a great choice to clean the body of toxins. In addition to stimulating metabolism,

Water is a health guard

Every responsible parent knows that she is a model for her baby. His actions, opinions, but above all habit, he carefully ponders, knowing that the

How to win anxiety?

Anxiety is by definition an indefinite fear and above all we need to clarify something – not all anxiety disorders are the same. There are

Fear of leaving

Loneliness is the worst enemy of those who were abandoned during childhood. There is constant attention to the disadvantages, which will lead to those who

Fear of rejection

Since it is deep early, it causes internal rejection. We think of what we have experienced, our thoughts and feelings. When it appears, it can


This wound occurs when at different moments we feel that others do not approve of what we do and criticize us. You can even transfer


It is born in the context of people who are caring about children cold and authoritative. During childhood, excessive demands that cross borders, create a